Modernisering Wet op de Lijkbezorging (2019)

Deze notitie betreft de voornemens van de regering (TK-36096-44), en de initiatiefnota van kamerlid De Boer (TK-35077-2), ten aanzien van de wijziging van de Wet op de Lijkbezorging (Wlb). De notitie zich op diversiteit, op de termijnen voor asuitgifte, begraven en cremeren en op ontwikkelingen betreffende alkalische hydrolyse. Actuele informatie over ontwikkelingen rond de Wlb vindt u op de website van de Tweede Kamer.

Diversity-Ready Cemeteries and Crematoria in England and Wales (2018)

Maddrell, A., Beebeejaun, Y., McClymont, K.,  Mathijssen, B., McNally, D. &  Dogra, S.

The UK is an ethnically and religiously diverse society, shaped by longstanding ties with communities from the New Commonwealth, and other dynamic flows of international migration, particularly within Europe. This briefing report focuses on a little discussed but important dimension of migrant and minority experiences in England and Wales: cemetery and crematoria provision. On the basis of extensive research in four case study towns, it argues that diversity-ready cemeteries, crematoria and remembrance sites are a necessary but currently neglected aspect of an inclusive and integrated multicultural society. Addressing these issues will contribute to greater social well-being and a more inclusive civic culture. The briefing report gives an overview of the research’s key findings and recommendations and offers insight into best practices of individuals, community groups, local and national service providers, planners and policy makers. The briefing note provides a more concise summary.